Frequently Asked Questions

We know hot sauce can be intimidating sometimes so we're here to clear the air on some commonly asked questions!

Are your sauces hot?

The short answer is yes! but the better answer is, it depends!

Our personaly philosophy around hot sauce is that it's meant to elevate and enhance food. With that, We've crafted our recipes to be flavorful with the right level of spice to stay true to it's purpose.

Each sauce is marked with flames which indicates our perspective on heat level.

Do you ship?

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx, Carrier Pigeon, or otherwise... We operate under a Cottage Food Producer license which limits our sales to face-to-face sales. 
We do deliver in the metro region of Minneapolis/St.Paul and offer pickup at our home kitchen.
If you're dying to try Mr.Mustachios... please reach out to and we can find a way!

Where do you sell?

Currently we sell here on our website, select events and farmers markets. Please refer to our Instagram/Facebook for dated events and locations to purchase.

Are your sauces gluten free? Vegan? etc?

Yes! We aim to be accessible by as many dietary/allergy conscious individuals as possible. Please refer to our ingredients list on our website or our labels.

Who is Mr.Mustachios?

He is, She is, They is! - We believe everyone is Mr.Mustachios. Everyone has the right to Live Spicy. To enjoy great food and hot sauce to accompany and enhance.

Ask us anything we missed!